Photos: Free Your Mind Art Exhibition created by Amir Youssef #ArtBasel #NLPG #FreeMindSociety - “We’re Everywhere You’re Not” - Featured by Soto, Jrip Giant, and Monica - View more photos here

Event sponsored by Nuvo, NLPGimages, Monster, chop shop, wordup sound and light, The freeBee Christys’ Crown Collection, Creative Creative, Hanson Pro Systems, Button Revolution 

Hors d’ Oeuvres by: Joey’s and Xixon

Music by: Roberto Casa

Dec. 6 Art Basel Party - RAPP (@RAPPBlack) - I ON THE DISTRICT “The Socially Strong & Beautiful” @99jamzwedr Featuring Art by Russell Fritz Showcasing his view of the Socially Strong and Beautiful. Mark this evet on your calendar!! I ON THE DISTRICT - 120 N.E. 4OTH STREET, MIAMI, FL. 33137 - (305)573-9400 RSVP HERE 800-561-8711 - Contact @ Sponsors - Grey Goose, Nuvo, and WEDR 99 Jamz

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